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Reverse Divisors: 1089 and all that follow

Location: Room 306, Alan Turing
Date: 13 November 2012
Time: 11.30
Speaker(s): Gareth Williams, (Open University)

Abstract: On the topic of non-serious mathematics, Professor Hardy [1] writes "8712 and 9801 are the only four-figure numbers which are integral multiples of their 'reversals',...and [the proofs] are not capable of any significant generalization." This seminar will offer a significant generalization, culminating in a complete classification of all natural numbers (in decimal form) which are integral multiples of their 'reversals'.

This will be a light-hearted seminar based on a piece of recreational mathematics by Roger Webster and the speaker (due to appear in Mathematical Spectrum in late 2012). None of the proofs require technical knowledge of anything beyond what may be found in MS221.

[1] G H H Hardy. A Mathematician's Apology. Reprinted in 2000, CUP.

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