From Worked Examples via Key idea, Core Awarenesses and Variation to the Issue of Student Attention

The event is taking part on the Tuesday, Feb 28th 2017 at 15.30
Theme/s: MathEd, Pure and Applied Colloquia
Location of Event: Alan Turing 306
This event is a: Public Seminar

Abstract: Worked examples have been used to teach mathematics for over 4000 years, and there has been extensive research on what makes worked examples more or less effective. This provides a springboard to consider the apparent tension between procedural and conceptual comprehension and appreciation (otherwise known as ‘understanding’). This too has been extensively researched under a variety of labels such as instrumental and relational understanding. At the heart of this proclaimed tension lies the notion of ‘key ideas’ or ‘core awarenesses’, which, coupled with careful use of variation seems to be what underlies the ‘mastery teaching’ (Shanghai version). Underpinning these ideas is the form and focus of student attention, which is the object of my present concerns

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External Speakers

John Mason (Open University & University of Oxford)