Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team


  • Gwyneth StallardProfessor Gwyneth Stallard is the chair of the Self Assessment Team. She came to the OU in 1994 as a Research Fellow and was promoted to Professor of Pure Mathematics in 2009. She returned to work half-time following maternity leave in 1999 and has gradually increased her hours, returning to full-time work in 2012. She has been chair of the London Mathematical Society's Women in Mathematics Committee since 2006.
  • Uwe GrimmProfessor Uwe Grimm is Head of Department and a member of the applied mathematics group. He has formerly been Associate Dean for Research, and has served as a member of the Faculty Promotions Committee and the University's Athena SWAN Self Assessment Team.
  • June Barrow-GreenProfessor June Barrow-Green is a Professor in the History of Mathematics. She is the Librarian and a member of Council for the London Mathematical Society, and is actively involved in outreach events, some of which are aimed at women or concern the history of women in mathematics.
  • Toby O'NeilDr Toby O'Neil is a Senior Lecturer in the pure mathematics group. He has a young daughter and has led by example, taking full paternity leave, scheduling meetings around nursery times and bringing his daughter to social events.
  • Heather WhitakerDr Heather Whitaker is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics.  She has a young family, so has had two periods of maternity leave in the last 5 years, and is now working part-time on a 0.8 contract. Heather leads on the flexible working section of the Action Plan.
  • Katie ChicotDr Katie Chicot is a Staff Tutor, and is the Mathematics and Statistics Student Support lead. She returned to work part-time (0.6) following her maternity leave. Katie is active in outreach events in mathematics and collaborated on a funded project on supporting women returning to careers in STEM. She is a director of the UK Mathematics Trust.
  • Gareth WilliamsDr Gareth Williams is a Staff Tutor in pure mathematics, and formerly the Programme Director in Mathematics and Statistics. Gareth leads on the undergraduate section of the Action Plan.

  • Hilary Holmes is a Staff Tutor leading on the scholarship part of the Action Plan. She is an experienced appraiser and probation supervisor for Staff Tutors and Mathematics Education Lecturers.
  • Dr Radka Sabolova is a postdoctoral researcher in Statistics, and represents the postdoctoral staff. She is an organiser of the Statistics Seminar Series.
  • Tony Royle is the PhD Student representative on the team. His thesis project includes the role of women in mathematics in early aeronautics in Britain.
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