05/15 Statistical Scientific Sensitivity Analysis: A Geometric Progression?
Frank Critchley (for accompanying diagram, click here)

05/14 Sample sizes for self-controlled case series studies
P. Musonda, C.P. Farrington and H.J. Whitaker

05/13 On case-crossover methods for environmental time-series data
H.J. Whitaker, M.N. Hocine and C.P. Farrington

05/12 Connecting Distributions with Power Tails on the Real Line, the Half Line and the Interval
M.C. Jones

05/11 Bayesian Model Averaging of Dynamic Linear Models
E. Mubwandarikwa, P.H. Garthwaite & A.E. Faria

05/10 Foundational issues in statistical inference
C.J. Albers, O.J.W.F. Kardaun, W. Schaafsma, A.G.M. Steerneman, A. Stein 

05/09 Envelope plots of ordered Mahalanobis distances: uses and efficient generation
Frank Critchley, Guobing Lu and Richard A Atkinson

05/08 Covariance calculations in the linear multiregression dynamic model
B.J. Wright & C.M. Queen

05/07 Eliciting a DAG for a multivariate time series of vehicle counts in a traffic network
C.M. Queen & B.J. Wright

05/06 Density-Based Skewness and Kurtosis
Frank Critchley and M.C. Jones

05/05 Contact surface models for infectious diseases: estimation from serological survey data
C.P. Farrington & H.J. Whitaker

05/04 Matrix models for childhood infections: a Bayesian approach with applications to rubella and mumps 
M.N. Kanaan & C.P. Farrington

05/03 Tutorial in Biostatistics: the self-controlled case series method
H.J. Whitaker, C.P. Farrington, B. Spiessens & P. Musonda

05/02 Semi-parametric analysis of case series data
C.P. Farrington & H.J. Whitaker

05/01 Maximum likelihood kernel density estimation
M.C. Jones & D.A. Henderson

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