06/14 Principal Axis Analysis
Frank Critchley, Ana Pires and Conceição Amado

06/13 Group average representations in Euclidean distance cones
Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley and John C. Gower

06/12 Case series analyses of censoring events
C.P. Farrington, H.J. Whitaker and M.N. Hocine

06/11 The Geometric Combination of Forecasting Models
A.E. Faria and E. Mubwandarikwa

06/10 A stochastic approximation method and its application to confidence intervals
P.H. Garthwaite and M.C. Jones

06/09 Relative error prediction via kernel regression smoothers
Heungsun Park, Key-Il Shin, M.C. Jones and S.K. Vines 

06/08 Self-controlled case series analyses: small sample performance
Patrick Musonda, Mounia N. Hocine, Heather J. Whitaker and C. Paddy Farrington.

06/07 Quantifying Opinion about a Logistic Regression using Interactive Graphics
Paul H. Garthwaite & Shafeeqah A. Al-Awadhi

06/06 Improved double kernel local linear quantile regression
M.C.Jones & Keming Yu

06/05 Local Mixtures of the Negative Exponential Distribution
K.A.Anaya-Izquierdo & P.Marriott

06/04 Local Mixture Models of Exponential Families
K.A.Anaya-Izquierdo & P.Marriott

06/03 On a Class of Distributions Defined by the Relationship Between Their Density 
and Distribution Functions

06/02 On a Class of Distributions with Simple Exponential Tails

06/01 The logistic and the log F distribution

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