08/18 A relaxed approach to combinatorial problems in robustness and diagnostics
F. Critchley, M. Schyns, G. Haesbroeck, C. Fauconnier, G. Lu, R.A. Atkinson and D.Q. Wang

08/17 Invariant Coordinate Selection
David E. Tyler, Frank Critchley, Lutz Dűmbgen and Hannu Oja

08/16 Selection of Prior Weights for Weighted Model Averaging
Paul H. Garthwaite and Emmanuel Mubwandarikwa

08/15 Orthogonalization of Vectors with Minimal Adjustment
Paul H. Garthwaite, Frank Critchley and Emmanuel Mubwandarikwa

08/14 Distributions That are Both Log-Symmetric and R-Symmetric
M. C. Jones and Barry C. Arnold

08/13 Intervention and causality: forecasting traffic flows using a dynamic Bayesian network
Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers

08/12 Forecasting traffic flows in road networks: A graphical dynamic model approach
Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers

08/11 Orthogonal simple component analysis
Karim Anaya-Izquierdo, Frank Critchley and Karen Vines

08/10 Some quadratic optimisation problems in psychometrics
Casper J. Albers

08/09 Maximum likelihood kernel density estimation: on the potential of convolution sieves
M.C. Jones and D.A. Henderson

08/08 The t Family and Their Close and Distant Relations
M.C. Jones

08/07 A Family of Distributions on the Circle with Links to, and Applications Arising From, Möbius Transformation
S. Kato and M.C. Jones

08/05 & 08/06 Sinh-arcsinh distributions: a broad family giving rise to powerful tests of normality and symmetry
Chris Jones and Arthur Pewsey

08/05 Goodness of Fit Testing Using a Specific Density Estimate
Casper J.Albers and Willem Schaafsma

08/04 Explicit minimisation of a convex quadratic under a general quadratic constraint
Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley and John C. Gower

08/03 Quadratic minimisation problems in statistics
Casper J. Albers, Frank Critchley and John C Gower

08/02 An Empirical Comparison of Techniques for Handling Incomplete Data When Using Decision Trees
Bhekisipho Twala

08/01 Intervention and causality in a dynamic Bayesian network
Catriona M. Queen and Casper J. Albers


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