Technical Reports


09/14 Distribution shape and size, quivariance properties of the influence function, and transformation groups
Frank Critchley, Guobing Lu, Richard A. Atkinson and Dong Qian Want

09/13 Exploratory factor analysis of data matrices with more variables than observations
Nickolay T. Trendafilov and Steffen Unkel

09/12 Simultaneous parameter estimation in exploratory factor analysis: An expository review
Steffen Unkel and Nickolay T. Trendafilov

09/11 Confidence intervals for a binomial proportion in the presence of ties
Paul H. Garthwaite and John R. Crawford

09/10 sBarse: Sparse biplots component analysis
Doyo Gragn and Nickolay T. Trendalifov

09/09 Penalized varimax
Nickolay T. Trendalifov and Doyo Gragn

09/08 On Distributions Generated by Transformation of Scale
M. C. Jones

09/07 On maximisation of the Likelihood for the Generalised Gamma Distribution
Angela Noufaily & M. C. Jones

09/06 A hierarchical Bayesian space-time model for radioactivity deposition
Swarup De and Alvaro E. Faria

09/05 Between-Group Metrics
John C. Gower and Casper J. Albers

09/04 Epidemiological studies of the non-specific effects of vaccines: II - methodological issues in the design and analysis of cohort studies
C. Paddy Farrington, Martin J. Firth, Lawrence H. Moulton, Henrik Ravn, Per Kragh Andersen and Stephen Evans

09/03 Within-individual dependence in self-controlled case series models for recurrent events
C. Paddy Farrington and Mounia N. Hocine

09/02 On parameter orthogonality in symmetric and skew models
M. C. Jones

09/01 Distributions Generated by Transformation of Scale Using an Extended Schlömilch Transformation
M. C. Jones

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