14/11 On ANOVA-like matrix decompositions
Giuseppe Bove, Frank Critchley, Radka Sabolova and Germain Van Bever

14/10 On point estimation of the abnormality of a Mahalanobis index
Fadlalla G. Elfadaly, Paul H. Garthwaite & John R. Crawford

14/09 Log-Location-Scale-Log-Concave Distributions for Survival and Reliability Analysis
M.C. Jones and Angela Noufaily

14/08 Computing with Fisher geodesics and extended exponential families
Frank Critchley and P. Marriott

14/07 A general sufficient dimension reduction approach via Hellinger integral of order two
Qin Wang, Xiangrong Yin, Frank Critchley

14/06 Modeling Reporting Delays for Outbreak Detection in Infectious Disease Data
Angela Noufaily, Yonas Ghebremichael-Weldeselassie, Doyo Gragn Enki, Paul Garthwaite, Nick Andrews, Andre Charlett, Paddy Farrington

14/05 Detection of Infectious Disease Outbreaks From Laboratory Data With Reporting Delays
Angela Noufaily, Paddy Farrington, Paul Garthwaite, Doyo Gragn Enki, Nick Andrews, Andre Charlett

14/04 On Parallels Between Jointly Symmetric, Especially t, and Archimedean Bivariate Copulas
M.C. Jones

14/03 Constructing second-order data dependent probability matching priors from rst-order probability matching priors
Paul H Garthwaite, Fadlalla Elfadaly, John R Crawford

14/02 Univariate continuous distributions: symmetries and transformations
M.C. Jones

14/01 On Families of Distributions with Shape Parameters

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